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The College of Agriculture has a long history of education, with its earliest predecessor being the National Institute of Agriculture and Engineering of Guizhou (established in 1941). After program design in 1997, the former Guizhou Agricultural College, Guizhou University, Guizhou Provincial College of Art, and Guizhou Agriculture Management Cadres College were merged into Guizhou University. It was at that time that College of Agricultural was first formed. In August 2004, Guizhou University and the former Guizhou University of Technology were merged to form the new Guizhou University. A new College of Agriculture was again formed. Over the past decade the College of Agriculture, driven by scientific research, and focusing on the teaching and training of talented professionals, program design, and building a team of talented professionals, has sought to serve agriculture, rural areas, and farmers in order to realize the aims for first-class teaching quality, advancement of scientific research, training of talented professionals, and sound management.

The College has a complete discipline system and 13 institutes. There is one world-class program in plant protection, one provincial key and distinctive discipline in agricultural entomology and pest control, one provincial key disciplines in crop science and pomology, two provincial key laboratories for mountain agriculture pest control and for breeding and cultivation of Chinese herbal medicinal plants, one ministerial and provincial engineering and technology research center for pomology, and Guizhou Sub-center of National Wheat Improvement Center. The College has five provincial innovation talent teams in Pomology, Mountain Agriculture Pest Control, Water and Fertilizer Regulation of Soil and Pollution Prevention of Agricultural Environment, Conservation and Sustainable Utilization of Chinese Herbal Medicine Resources, and Arthropod Resources Development and Utilization. In addition, there is one national science-technology special commissioner entrepreneurship training base, and three provincial talents bases: one for distinctive agricultural industry, one for breeding and cultivation of medicinal plants, and one for agriculture and forestry biohazard prevention.

The College has two postdoctoral research stations in Biology and Plant Protection; two first-level disciplines doctorate program in Plant Protection and Crop Science; seven second-level disciplines doctorate program in Zoology, Agricultural Enthomology and Pest Control, Plant Pathology, Agricultural Product Quality and Safety, Crop Genetics and Breeding, Crop Cultivation, and Cultivation Science and Technology. There are also four first-level disciplines master's degree programs in Crop Science, Horticulture, Plant Protection, and Agricultural Resources and Environment. In addition, there are 11 master's degree programs of second-level disciplines in Zoology, Crop Cultivation and Farming, Crop Genetics and Breeding, Pomology, Edaphology, Plant Nutriology, Plant Pathology, Agricultural Enthomology and Pest Control, Agricultural Product Quality and Safety, Olericulture, and Ornamental Horticulture. The College also offers two different master’s degrees in the field of Agriculture.

There are four departments within the College of Agriculture: Agronomy, Horticulture, Plant Protection, and Agriculture Resources and Environment. These offer five undergraduate programs: agronomy, cultivation and appraisal of Chinese herbal medicine, horticulture, plant protection, and agricultural resources and environment. Among them, Plant Protection is the national second-class distinctive major, provincial demonstrative major, and the leading major of Guizhou University. Agricultural Resources and Environment is the provincial distinctive major. Agronomy is one of the best and most well-known majors of Guizhou University. And Horticulture is a distinctive major of Guizhou University.

The College lays stress on building a talented faculty. It has 124 faculty members, among which 99 are full- or part-time teachers. There are 36 professors and 36 associate professors. Among the faculty and staff, 71 hold doctoral degrees and 33 hold master's degrees. The College has 11 doctoral supervisors and 64 master supervisors. The College has one scholar recruited as the candidate of National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project in the New Century, five experts receiving special allowances from the State Council, three experts receiving special allowances from Guizhou provincial government, two provincial core experts, seven provincial experts, and eight provincial outstanding young science & technology talents.

The College, anchored by scientific research, centers on the training of personnel and lives on quality teaching. It emphasizes the development of students' practical abilities and employability. There are 1,986 full-time students, among whom 1,452 are undergraduates, 241 are full-time academic postgraduates, 36 are doctoral students and 257 are full-time or part-time postgraduates majoring in agricultural extension. The College attaches great importance to the enrollment of students. Through intensifying admission publicity and adjusting admission plans according to the employability of graduates and socio-economic trends, the quality of its students has been increasing. In recent years, about 30% of graduates have been admitted as postgraduates by Guizhou University or other universities. The employment rate of graduates is above 95%. Most of the graduates excel in their work and have become the backbone of their own sectors.

The academic research of the College has expanded, achieving fruitful results. Through actively participating in scientific research, and extensively penetrating into grassroots scientific research and practices, its full-time faculty has helped promote and enrich the teaching content of the College. Since 2013, its faculty has undertaken 487 research projects funded by the National Sci-Tech Support Plan, the National Sci-Tech Achievements Transformation Plan, China Spark Program, the National Natural Science Foundation, and the International Cooperation Key Project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, with a total research funding of 88,27 million yuan. Among them, there are 258 longitudinal projects and 228 horizontal projects. The College has won a total of seven research achievement awards, including two at the national level and five at the ministerial and provincial level. In total, 679 academic papers were published, including 129 SCI/EI papers, 83 authoritative periodicals, 307 core periodicals, 159 general periodicals, 20 monographs and textbooks. The college has cultivated six new high-yielding and high-quality crops and fruit trees. It has earned 12 national patents for invention, 55 national patents for utility model, and has compiled two provincial standards for the agricultural industry.

The College emphasizes social services and actively makes contributions to Guizhou. For a long time, the College has adhered to the integration of production, education and research while having promoted teaching and production through scientific research. With the advantages of unique natural biological resources, the College actively carries out the development and use of such resources as rice, corn, wheat, Chinese herbal medicines, walnuts, kiwifruit, plums, roxburg rose, vegetable and edible mushroom, which have produced significant social and economic benefits. A group of role models have emerged to serve local communities and help alleviate poverty in Guizhou, winning praise from the society.

Bachelor's Programs

Cultivation and Identification of Chinese Herbal Medicine
Plant Protection
Agricultura Resources and Environment

Master's Programs

Crop Science
Agricultural Resources and Environment
Plant Protection
农艺与种业(Professional Degree)
Resource Utilization and plant protection(Professional Degree)

Doctoral's Programs

Plant Pathology
Agricultural Entomology and Pest Control
Quality and Safety of Agricultural Products

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