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The College of Forestry of Guizhou University was established in 2002. Its predecessor was the Department of Forestry of the Guizhou Agricultural College established in 1958. In 1999, landscape architecture was incorporated into the department. The cultivation of composite application-oriented professionals is the College’s main objective. The College is a teaching and scientific research base for the training of high-level professionals in forestry and ecological environment construction. The College mainly focuses on research of applied basic theories and applied technologies in the field of cultivating artificial forests in mountainous regions of the South, restoring and reconstructing degraded ecosystems in karst regions, water and soil conservation, developing and utilizing landscape plant resources, and landscape design.

The College has a complete education and discipline system at all levels, offering undergraduate programs, master’s programs, doctoral programs, and postdoctoral programs. The four undergraduate majors include forestry, gardening, water and soil conservation and desertification control, and forest protection. The forestry major is a national first-class feature specialty and the pilot specialty in the national training program for outstanding agricultural and forestry talented professionals. Gardening, water and soil conservation, and desertification control are both feature specialties of Guizhou University. Forest protection is a newly-established major. The College has one post-doctoral station for the first-class discipline of forestry, two first-class-discipline doctorate programs in forestry and ecology, three first-class-discipline master programs in forestry, ecology and landscape architecture, ten second-class-discipline master programs, and two master programs in forestry and landscape architecture. The forestry discipline is the key discipline recognized by the State Forestry Administration. Ecology is enlisted in the national first-class disciplines. The College has been awarded the talent base and science and technology innovation team in Guizhou province. The College presently has four departments, one laboratory center (including four specialized labs and one basic lab), one teaching experiment nursery, and multiple experimental bases in different parts of the province. In addition, there are four university-level research centers and one affiliated province-level research center.

The College currently has 78 faculty members. Among them, there are 16 professors, 26 associate professors, and 21 lecturers. 72% of teachers hold a Ph.D. One teacher holds the title "National Outstanding Professional and Technical Talent.” One teacher is a national-level candidate for the "New Century Talents Project.” Two teachers are recognized as provincial experts, one teacher is a candidate for the provincial Ten-Level Talent. Three teachers are candidates for provincial Hundred-level Talents.  Five teachers are awarded the title of provincial Outstanding Young Science-Technology Talents. One teacher is awarded the title of State Forestry Administration’s Distinguished Teacher. One teacher is awarded National Advanced Worker.  One teacher wins the Provincial Labor Medal. Four experts receive special allowances from the State Council and the provincial government. There are 820 undergraduates and 315 postgraduates and doctoral students. The average employment rate for undergraduates has been above 95% during the past five years.

The College has presided over various national projects, gained outstanding scientific research achievements, and won high-level prizes. In recent years, the College has undertaken nearly 30 national projects funded by National 973 Program, National 863 Program, National Scientific and Technological Research (Supporting and Key R&D), and National Natural Science Foundation, as well as more than 160 provincial and ministerial-level projects, with total funding exceeding 65 million yuan. The College has won two second prizes of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award, one second prize of  Ministry of Education Science and Technology Progress Award, three second prizes and three third prizes of Scientific and Technological Progress Award in Guizhou Province, two second prizes and one third prize of Liang Xi Forestry Science and Technology Award of Chinese Forestry Society, one second prize of  Scientific and Technological Progress Award of China Soil and Water Conservation Society and others. Additionally, the College has approved three province-level improved varieties of masson pine, formulated six items of national industrial and technical standards, and five items of provincial local standards. The College has obtained over 30 national patents and published 13 academic monographs and textbooks as well as more than 460 academic papers nationally and internationally.

To meet the needs of talented professionals for national forestry development and the ecological environment construction in the karst mountainous regions of Southwest China, the College optimizes the disciplines based on its features and advantages. It now plans to focus on the development of five discipline groups: the forest resources cultivation disciplines, the ecology disciplines, the water and soil conservation disciplines, the Guizhou Plateau biodiversity and nature reserve disciplines and the landscape architecture disciplines. Having a certain influence in the country with its unique features in personnel training, discipline construction and scientific research of related disciplines, the College aims at building itself into an educational base that meets both domestic and international needs, as well as an important base for scientific research.

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