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The College of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Guizhou University was founded in 2013 from the pharmacy-related disciplines of the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and the College of Life Science. Located in the Western Campus of Guizhou University and comprising an area of 20,000 square meters, it has an excellent teaching environment and good facilities. The College is an important base for the cultivation of senior pharmacy specialists, research and development of new drugs, and conversion of research results to products in Guizhou province. The College has a complete education system for both undergraduate and graduate students and enrolls students nationwide. With the aim of serving regional economic and social development, the college offers two undergraduate programs: Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Engineering. It has been approved to offer two master's degree programs, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Engineering.

The College currently has a faculty of 26 members, including 17 professors. Among them, one expert enjoys Special Allowance from the State Council and one expert has received the Guizhou Provincial award. Thirteen teachers hold doctoral degrees, accounting for 50% of the total faculty. The College has a strong teaching unit and high-level academic research stratum.

The College has many years of experience in undergraduate and postgraduate education. With teaching quality as the basis for its development, the College has created a good educational environment. With several brilliant teaching teams in the fields of pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmaceutical preparations, and pharmacology, the College is an important training base for pharmaceutical professionals in Guizhou province. It currently has an enrollment of 595 undergraduates and 120 postgraduates. The employment rate of graduates is more than 98%. About 30% of graduates are admitted into master’s programs. The College has been developing extensive academic exchanges and cooperation with well-known medical colleges and universities at home and abroad, sending excellent postgraduate students to study abroad for doctoral degrees. There are joint programs for undergraduates and postgraduates with Cardiff University, a famous British university, to promote the cultivation of high-end pharmaceutical professionals with an international education background.

The College attaches great importance to the improvement of research and development capabilities, the upgrading of academic standards, and the conversion of scientific research results to products. It has set up the Key Laboratory of Synthetic Pharmaceutical Engineering of Guizhou Province, providing an advanced technology platform for the development of new drugs. The faculty members have undertaken a large number of national, provincial, and municipal scientific research. By developing production-study-research cooperation with local governments, pharmaceutical and chemical companies, and research institutes, they have achieved a number of important research achievements.

Taking the initiative to better serve society and develop the region, the College vigorously promotes a production-study-research talent training model to strengthen the cultivation of undergraduates and postgraduates with pharmaceutical companies and research institutes. It has established a number of joint training centers and off-campus practice bases and has formed a benevolent and interactive relation between education and social needs.

The teaching philosophy of the College is "first-class education, top-rate students". By following the rules of education and adhering to the principle of student-oriented education, the College frees itself from old ideas and focuses on improving the quality of education. It makes great efforts to improve its own strength, develop its own characteristics, and accelerate the pace of cultivating innovative pharmaceutical professionals and new drug research and development. It strives to improve the quality of student-training, scientific and technological innovation, the ability to serve society, and to make new and greater contributions to the development of the regional economy and society.

Focusing on innovative drug research, the College will give full play to ethnic medicine of Guizhou province, make use of the overall strength of the school, actively build a better teaching and research platform, establish a better teaching and research team, and strive to make the college an advanced domestic pharmacy training base with distinctive features while serving the regional society.

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Pharmaceutical Engineering
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Medicinal Chemistry
Microorganism and Biochemical Pharmacy
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