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The College of Tea Science of Guizhou University was established in November 2016. It is a characteristic college established to meet the needs of Guizhou's tea industry development and to reflect the idea that “Guizhou University should feature Guizhou product'. The College is the successor of the division of Tea Science of the Department of Horticulture, Guizhou Agricultural College. It offered junior college education in tea science for adults (two-year program) in 1989, and economy and trade major in tea science (three-year program) in 1993. In 2007, it started the undergraduate program in tea science under the horticulture major of the College of Agriculture of Guizhou University. In 2008, it started to enroll undergraduate students of Tea Science. In 2012, the Tea Science major was established from the horticulture major and started to enroll undergraduate students.

The College has three departments: tea biology, tea engineering and tea culture, and three centers: tea science undergraduate experimental teaching center, tea culture dissemination center and tea evaluation and testing center. The College currently offers one undergraduate program in tea science, one academic master program in tea science, and two professional master programs (agronomic and seed industry, biological engineering). At present, there are more than 200 undergraduate and graduate students in the College. By May 2018, over 300 tea science major graduates had graduated.

The College's student training system has prominent features and diversified education forms. It not only offers degree programs but also skills training programs. Students enrolled in the programs have the opportunities to be exchanged to study at other domestic universities as well as overseas universities. A complete talent training system has been established which focuses on undergraduate education, supported by graduate education, international student education, and professional skills training. Adhering to the goal of promoting students' all-round development, the College focuses on all-in-one cultivation of students' entrepreneurial and innovative abilities. To cultivate students' sense of innovation, the College has established its innovation and entrepreneurship center. And a number of off-campus practice bases have been established to allow students to comprehensively enhance their overall quality and employment competitiveness in practice. Students are required to read widely, set up a good style of study, and build foundations so as to be well-prepared in knowledge, intelligence, and attitude for entrepreneurial innovation.

The College boasts three provincial-level engineering research centers: conservation and efficient use of tea resources, plant molecular breeding, and Guizhou tea industry innovation and development, one Key Laboratory for Mountain Plant Resources Protection and Germplasm Innovation of the Ministry of Education (co-built with the Institute of Agricultural Bioengineering of Guizhou University), and one National and Regional Joint Engineering Research Center for Plant Resources Utilization and Breeding of the Karst Mountain Region (Guizhou).

The College has over 40 full-time and part-time teachers, mainly young and middle-aged. Of them, 70% hold PhD degrees and 75% have senior professional titles. The College boasts a teaching team with rich teaching experience and high academic attainments.

Since 2012, the teachers have undertaken more than 200 scientific research projects such as the National Science and Technology Support Program projects, the National Natural Science Foundation projects, various provincial projects, local university-industry cooperation projects, with the total project funding over 36 million yuan. The College has earned more than ten ministerial and provincial-level research (teaching) achievement awards and has published over 400 academic papers. The College has applied for 32 national invention patents.

Since its establishment, the College has served the region and has actively participated in local planning and legislation for ancient tea trees. The College has presided over or participated in the formulation of over 20 industrial development plans, including 'the 13th Five-Year Plan for Modern Mountainous Regions' Characteristic and  High-efficiency Agricultural Development', the '13th Five-Year Plan for Mountainous Regions' Characteristic and Eco-efficient Agricultural Development in Luodian County,' the '13th Five-Year Plan for Modern Mountainous Regions' Characteristic and High-efficiency Agricultural Development in Guiding County', and 'the Tea Modern Leisure Agricultural Demonstration Park in Liuzhi Special Administrative Region'. The College played a major role in the compilation of Guizhou Ancient Tea Tree Conservation Regulations and Ancient Tea Tree Conservation Regulations in Southwest of Guizhou.

The College offers training courses for skilled technicians such as tea specialists and tea-tasters throughout the year. It also offers 100 tea culture training programs for university teachers, public institutions and the community. Altogether, over 2,000 people have received the training, illustrating the positive contributions of the College to the popularity of tea culture.

Having long been engaged in practical training and technical consulting services for tea cultivation and processing in the province, the College has trained more than 3,600 people, among whom are tea managers, tea company technicians, and tea growers, making outstanding contributions to the development of the tea industry and poverty alleviation in the province.

The College strengthens international communication and cooperation. It has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with the tea teaching and research institutions in Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, India, Sri Lanka, Japan, and South Korea. The College successively hosted “China and South Korea Tea Culture and Tea Industry Internationalization Development Strategy Seminar' and 'China-ASEAN Tea Culture Forum'. The teachers of the college have paid academic visits to foreign universities such as Mokpo University (Korea), Shizuoka University (Japan), and Texas A&M University (US)

Upholding the development idea of innovation, harmony, greenness, openness, and sharing, through cooperation between the college and the local government, the College is striving to become a national training base for tea talented professionals, a tea science research center, and a technician training base for the tea industry.

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