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Though the College of Literature and Communication is newly founded, its disciplines and departments enjoy a long history of development. Its predecessor, the Department of Chinese Literature under the College of Arts and Sciences of National Guizhou University, was established in 1942. In 1987, the discipline of journalism was established in the Department of Chinese Language and Literature. In 2004, the Department of Chinese Language and Literature merged with the Department of History and the Department of Philosophy to form the College of Humanities of Guizhou University. In 2006, the discipline of journalism under the Department of Chinese Language and Literature was established as the Department of Journalism. In May 2016, the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, the Department of Journalism, and the Section of College Chinese were merged into the College of Literature and Communication.

The College currently has 49 teaching and research personnel, including eight professors, 21 associate professors and 20 lecturers. Of them 29 are doctoral degree holders, five are doctoral degree candidates and seven are masters degree holders and 27 are postgraduate advisors. Therefore, the College has a fully reinforced faculty with a reasonable age structure and full-range of academic backgrounds as well as professional titles. The College has two undergraduate majors: Chinese Language and Literature as well as Journalism. It enrolls students under the discipline of Chinese Language and Literature. After completing general courses in the Yangming College during the first-year, second-year students can choose to continue studying Chinese Language and Literature major or pursue the College’s Journalism major.

The discipline of Chinese Language and Literature has a long history and began enrolling students in 1942. It was identified as a key discipline of Guizhou University in the early 1990s, and a brand major and a provincial model major of Guizhou University in 2007. In 2008, it successfully obtained the program of national-level major construction. It was awarded the specialized project of brand major of Guizhou University in 2013 and the “First-class undergraduate major” construction project in Guizhou Province in 2017. Its course of Comparative Literature is listed in the '100 bilingual courses' construction project of the Ministry of Education. Ancient Chinese literature is a provincial distinguished course. Chinese Philology is the key major of Guizhou Province. With qualified and experienced teachers and their considerable achievements in teaching and scientific research, the discipline enjoys a high reputation and has wielded enormous influence on as well as made significant contributions to the economic and cultural construction of Guizhou. In the past five years, the teachers have undertaken ten research projects sponsored by the National Social Science Fund, four projects funded by the Ministry of Education, twelve provincial projects, and more than ten projects on educational reform. They also have fifteen monographs and more than fifty papers published in core journals at home and abroad. They have won one Wang Li Language and Literature Award, five Guizhou Provincial Social Science Outstanding Achievement Awards, two Provincial First Prizes for Teaching Achievements, one Excellent Achievement Award for Education and Science Research in Guizhou Province, and two Excellent Achievement Awards for Humanities and Social Sciences in Universities of Guizhou Province.

In the past three decades, the journalism discipline of the College has trained a large number of outstanding graduates in the field of journalism and communication. In the past three years, the teachers have undertaken four National Social Science Fund projects, one project funded by the Ministry of Education, and three social science planning projects in Guizhou Province; and they have published approximately 100 research papers in important domestic academic journals. The disciplines of Chinese language and literature and journalism of Guizhou University have a comparatively mature model for training undergraduates and have therefore accumulated rich experience in undergraduate education. In July 2017, the Publicity Department of the CPC Guizhou Provincial Committee and Guizhou University signed an agreement to jointly construct the journalism major in the College.

In the early 1980s, the Department of Chinese Language and Literature became one of the first authorized to award master's degrees in the discipline of Chinese Language and Literature. In the early 1990s, it was authorized to award master's degrees in the discipline of Ancient Chinese Literature. The well-trained graduates are well received by society and many of them have been admitted to prestigious universities such as Fudan University, Nanjing University, Zhejiang University, Beijing Normal University, and Huazhong Normal University to pursue doctoral degrees. Many graduates have become backbones of teaching and research in famous Chinese universities. In 2006, the College was authorized to award master's degrees in Journalism (academic graduate degree) and became the first to be authorized in Guizhou. In 2010, the College obtained the first-level discipline authorization of master's degrees in Chinese Language and Literature. In 2017, it obtained the authorization of academic and professional master's degree programs in the first-level discipline of journalism and communication. At present, the College has masters programs in eight majors:

Literary Theory

Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

Chinese Language and Philology

Chinese Classical Philology

Ancient Chinese Literature

Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature

Comparative Literature and World Literature


In 2018, the College began to enroll graduate students for the first-level discipline of Journalism and Communication.

Since the establishment of the majors of Chinese Language and Literature and Journalism, many distinguished scholars such as Xie Liuyi, Tan Jiefu, Yao Dianzhong, Tang Bingzheng, Zhang Ruzhou, Jiang Xiwen and Wang Ying have taught here. More than 6,000 graduates have been trained, of whom many are high-quality talented personnel that are well received by the society. Among them, there are not only teaching and research personnel who have made great achievements in universities and research institutions, but also writers with national reputations. For example, Liu Yangzhong, former director of the Research Office of Ancient Literature in the Institute of Literary Studies of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; Peng Zhaorong, Ph.D. supervisor of Xiamen University; Xu Xinjian, Ph. D. supervisor of Sichuan University; Chen Yuehong, former director of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of Peking University; Jiang Nanhua, former dean of the Guizhou Academy of Social Sciences; Huang Wanji and Wang Hongru, researchers of the Institute of Liberal Arts of the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences; the famous writer He Shiguang, vice chairman of the Guizhou Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles, who is also a Mao Dun Literature Award winner for four items; and famous writer Ouyang Qiansen, chairman of the Guizhou Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles. At the same time, many graduates have become leading officials at all levels of the Party, the government, and the military in Guizhou. In recent years, in addition to pursuing postgraduate studies, graduates of the College mainly find jobs and careers in schools, major newspapers and magazines, radio stations, television stations, party and government organs at all levels, enterprises, management and publicity departments in companies. With their solid professional foundation, comprehensive abilities and great potentials, these graduates are highly praised by their employers, and have made considerable contributions to social, economic and cultural developments in the province as well as in the country.

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