College of Philosophy and Social Development
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The discipline of philosophy at Guizhou University enjoys a long history. Since its establishment in 1972, it had cultivated a large number of talented personnel from all walks of life, including well-known scholars, business elite, important leaders of the communist party and governments at all levels, as well as more than 2,000 outstanding personnel working in cities, counties and towns throughout the country and especially in Guizhou. Statistics suggest that among the graduates of Guizhou University serving as officials at various levels in the past 50 years, a majority were Philosophy majors. They have made significant contributions to the economic and social developments of Guizhou province and China as well.

The discipline of philosophy has a teaching and research team with profound academic knowledge, rich experience in teaching and research, reasonable age structures and full range of professional titles. There are 38 full-time and part-time teachers, including 16 professors, 16 associate professors and 6 lecturers. Of them there is one academic leader at the provincial level, two experts receiving special government allowances, two provincial experts, eight young and middle-aged academic leaders of the university, and 23 doctoral degree holders.

As one of the first disciplines established in Guizhou University, the Philosophy discipline has a long history. It is the only philosophical major as well as the only first-level master's degree authorization of philosophical discipline in Guizhou Province. It covers eight philosophical secondary disciplines:

Marxist philosophy

Chinese philosophy

Foreign philosophies





Philosophy of science and technology

The college therefore has the fullest range of secondary philosophical disciplines in Guizhou Province. In January 2018, it was authorized to offer the first-level doctoral degree by the Ministry of Education. In 2010, it was approved as a featured national undergraduate major due to its profound foundation in teaching and research. In addition, the discipline has established a number of research centers such as the Guizhou University Aesthetics Research, the Foundation of College Students' Physical and Aesthetic Education of Guizhou Multi-national Area, and the Institute of Religious Culture.

Currently, there are 295 students in the department, including 188 undergraduates and 107 graduate students. The discipline possesses high-profile research teams with featured orientations such as Studies of Yangming Study, Chinese Confucianism Study, Study of German and French philosophies, Multi-religious Cultural Study, Life Aesthetics Study, Science and Technology Study and Social Study.  During his visit to Guizhou province and Guizhou University in 2011, President Xi Jinping pointed out the direction for Guizhou University to carry out philosophical research and discipline construction with Yangming thought as its main feature.

In the past decade, the discipline of philosophy has won a series of high-level honors. It was approved by the Ministry of Education as the “National College Students' Cultural Qualities Education Base” in 2006, “National Humanities Quality Education Innovative Experimental Zone” and “Provincial Distinctive Major” in 2009 and a “National Distinctive Major” in 2010. The research teams have completed or are sponsoring 20 national social science fund projects, 18 provincial and ministerial social science projects, and published more than 20 articles in A-level academic journals, and nearly 100 academic papers in core periodicals.

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