College of Physics
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Physics is one of the oldest disciplines of Guizhou University and was established in 1942. Later, in combination with its own characteristics and disciplinary advantages, the undergraduate major in Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering was established in 2002. With a number of adjustments and restructurings, the College of Physics was established in May 2016. The college has a teaching and research team with rich experience and profound academic knowledge. Among its 59 outstanding faculty members, two are receiving special allowance from the Provincial Government of Guizhou; one was rewarded as an excellent young talent by the Ministry of Education, two are high-level innovative talents of Guizhou Province; and two won the 'Western Light' honor from the Central Organization Department and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The college hosts one national and provincial outstanding teacher, two Baogang Award receivers, four provincial outstanding young science and technology talents, six academic leaders of the university, and five academic core teachers. It has 15 professors, 17 associate professors (senior researchers), six doctoral advisors, and 21 master advisors. The college currently has 347 students, including 285 undergraduates and 62 graduate students.

The College offers two undergraduate programs, including:

Physics (including Radio Astronomy)

Photoelectric Information Science and Engineering

Additionally, the College offers a first-level discipline master’s degree in Physics with four secondary-level discipline master’s degrees in:

Theoretical Physics

Condensed Matter Physics

Optical Physics

Theoretical and Measured Astrophysics

The College also cultivates doctoral students in:

Mathematical Physics

Photoelectron Physics Technology

Soft Condensed Matter Physics

Non-Equilibrium Phase Transition

The College has the provincial key laboratory of Photoelectron Technology and Applications, the provincial key specialty discipline of Physics, and the provincial key discipline of Theoretical Physics. It owns the Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of College Physics of Guizhou province, and two provincial innovative talent teams: the astronomy team and the photonics technology team. In addition, it hosts the National Astronomical Observatory of Chinese Academy of Sciences-Guizhou University Astronomical Research Center, Astronomical Research Center of Guizhou University; Nanophotonic Physics Institute of Guizhou University; a laboratory for optical information physics majors, including the Soft Condensed Matter Physics Laboratory; and the Basic Physics Laboratory, including mechanics, thermotics, electricity, optics and laboratories; the laboratory area is nearly 4,000 square meters. The total value of the experimental equipment is estimated more than 30 million yuan.

The research capability of the College is significant. In the past five years, it has undertaken 24 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation and 31 provincial and ministerial projects. It has won one second prize and two third prizes for scientific and technological progress in Guizhou Province, and two first prizes for outstanding academic papers in Guizhou province. More than 160 of the College’s papers have been published in SCI/EI and 21 patents authorized.

The College has become an essential base for cultivating specialized talents in physics, photonic information technology and astronomy in Guizhou province, and has delivered a large number of outstanding talents to the country.

College of Physics
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