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As a key comprehensive university of the “211 Project,” Guizhou University has always adhered to the concept of “cultivating people through teaching and learning” and the following core values: “illustrious virtue, utmost goodness, extensive learning and earnest practice.” With the spirit of “Hard work and ceaseless self-improvement," the University has cultivated a large number of outstanding talents, significantly contributing to the economic and social development of Guizhou as well as China.  In its talent training system, continuing education serves as one of the three major components. Thus, the College of Continuing Education has become an important platform for the University's professional training and social service for Guizhou Province.  At present, Guizhou University is the “National Professional and Technical Personnel Continuing Education Base” of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the “National Key Training Base for Vocational Training Teachers” of the Ministry of Education, and Continuing Education Training Base for the National Certificated Builder of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and Asia-Pacific University Alliance (China) Education Center.

The College is administratively and pedagogically responsible for the programs of Adult Higher Education Examination and Self-taught Higher Education Examination, as well as various levels of continuing education training programs. It is also responsible for certificate exams of various professions at the national and provincial level.  Based on the favorable education resources and the extensive domestic and international cooperation relationship of Guizhou University, the College aims to cultivate talents meeting the needs of the market. Thus, the College makes effort to reform its training mode and management system, establish a high-level team of professional and part-time teachers and experts and create good teaching and training environment, forming a mode characterized by cross-disciplinary and multi-level education system and extensive cooperation with different regions and other countries. The development strategy and feature of the College is best expressed by the following characteristics: "regionalization, branding, professionalism, modularization, high-end." In all, the mission of the College is to train a large number of officials at all levels, middle and high-level management personnel, professional and technical personnel with practical skills.

There are 89 faculty members in the college, including 11 associate professors, 22 lecturers and one researcher.

Continuing education includes the Master of Project Management (MPM), Adult Higher Education Examination and Self-taught Higher Education Examination programs. The MPM program was jointly organized by the University of Quebec in Canada in 2002. It is Guizhou's only Sino-foreign joint master's degree program approved by the Ministry of Education. It currently has 200 students and more than 1,000 graduates. For the adult higher education program, there are 68 majors and 7737 students. The program of Self-taught Higher Education Examination has 24 majors (7 for students of junior colleges and 17 for undergraduates) for 9,910 registered students of junior colleges and 24,875 registered undergraduates.

In the aspect of non-academic education, the College, in accordance with the purpose of serving local economic development, aims to cultivate officials at all levels including middle and high-level management personnel for enterprises to meet the needs of government agencies, enterprises and institutions. Until now, the College has offered training programs for over 150,000 people from government departments, political and legal systems as well as large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises concerning banking and finance, construction, electricity, tobacco, and liquor.

The College also tries to contribute to the rural development of Guizhou. The party's 19th National Congress developed the Rural Revitalization Strategy. This strategy is a major historical task for building a well-off society and a modernized, comprehensive, socialist country. It is also the priority for the project of solving issues concerning "Agriculture, Rural Areas and Farmers” in the new era. The strategy is a long-time effort to fully revitalize the rural areas and solve inadequate imbalances in development in rural areas. In accordance with this spirit, Guizhou University established the “Village Revitalization Institute” on April 9, 2018 and put it under the administration of the College. This will provide a talent pool for the work of “poverty alleviation” and "rural revitalization."

The College will further deepen education reform, focus on innovation and development so that it can make due contributions to the strategy of “revitalizing Guizhou through talent training" and the plan of "building a knowledge-based society."

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