College of Science and Technology
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The College is a comprehensive full-time undergraduate independent college jointly founded by Guizhou University and Guizhou Jiexing Huilv Aviation Flight Aid Consulting Co., Ltd. It was approved by the Provincial People's Government in May 2001, and enrolled students in the same year. In June 2017, the College moved to Huishui County, Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Guizhou Province. It covers an area of more than 800 mu (about 53 hectares) and has a planned construction area of 430,000 square meters. It has an intelligent campus with British architecture.

The College has five teaching departments: Literary, Law and Public Management, Engineering, Business, Art and two public teaching units for Marxism-Leninism teaching and physical education. It offers programs of seven disciplines such as literature, law, economics, management, science, engineering and art. There are 25 majors in the department including the following degree options: Chinese Language and Literature, Journalism, English, Law, Administrative Management, Public Administration, Engineering Management, Computer Science and Technology, Electronic Information Science and Technology, Electronic Information Engineering, Communication Engineering, Internet of Things Engineering, International Economics and Trade, Finance, Business Administration, Financial Management, Tourism Management, Food Science and Engineering, Visual Communication Design, Environmental Design, Performance, Music Performance, Painting, Dance and Animation.

The college has 321 full-time teachers, including 200 associate professors and 17 professors. To guarantee the teaching quality, there are at least two associate professors or professors for each public compulsory course and one associate professor or professor for each major compulsory course. In addition, the College has 50 "double-qualification" teachers (teaching qualification and professional qualification). The professional qualifications include certified public accountants, certificated lawyer, certificated journalists, and certificated network. These qualifications and professional skills lay a good foundation for their teaching.

The teaching equipment of the College meets the national requirements for college education. The College has 141 multimedia classrooms, nine art professional rehearsal halls, basic training halls, 51 computer software and hardware labs, ten physical laboratories, two electronic technology laboratories, and one Freescale training room, one manual accounting training room, one software open laboratory, one business etiquette training room, and one MOOC training room. All in all, the teaching equipment of the college is valued at 22.51 million RMB (including shared instruments and equipment), and the per capita teaching equipment is valued at 0.24 million RMB.

The College is a vice-president unit of the China Independent College Collaboration Association and has earned various awards and honorable tittles including Excellent Team Awards  of Education and Research for “Eleventh Five-Year Plan,”  the National “Excellent Independent College,” the National Excellent  Basic Party Organization, the Excellent Team of  "Women Pace-setters,"  the Excellent  Basic Party Organization in Guizhou Province, the  National Outstanding Team Award  of College Students Social Practice Activities as well as National Excellent Practice Achievement Award.

The College is authorized to award its own undergraduate diplomas and certificates of bachelor's degrees in relevant disciplines.

College of Science and Technology
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