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According to the Chronicle of Guizhou University, Guizhou University launched the program of medicine in the 17th year of the Republic of China (1928) and thus became the first university to run such program of study in Guizhou Province. Following the strategic plans of the Guizhou Provincial Committee of CPC and the People’s Government of Guizhou Province, Guizhou University has jointly worked with Guizhou Provincial People's Hospital to establish the Medical College of Guizhou University, which was officially founded in June 2016. In April 2018, the People's Hospital of Guizhou University was officially established at Guizhou Provincial People's Hospital. The College, since then, has been sticking with the 'Big Health' outlook detailed in the '13th Five-Year Plan' of Guizhou as well as other relevant reformative plans for Guizhou's medical education. Given the specific demands of medical teaching in higher education institutions, it has set clear program goals highlighting variations, specialty, and proficiency; it has also outlined the prospective framework for its future development: look to the future, advance moderately, develop a complementary strategy, be distinctive, and start small.

Aimed at producing highly qualified health care professionals ready to meet the needs of people, the College has applied natural science to basic medicine, which in turn shapes clinical medicine. Additionally, the College continually takes humanistic elements and scientific outlooks into consideration while cultivating medical professionals. It has been committed to fostering top-notch medical talents who are innovative enough to cope with challenges in the medical reform, including grassroots medical workers who are geared towards local communities. The College now offers four programs of study: Nursing (Undergraduate), Social Medicine and Health Care Management (Masters), Biology and Medicine (Masters, Ph.D.), and Medical Information Engineering (Masters, Ph.D.). The school started to recruit students officially in 2017. Included among them are 50 undergraduates, 40 graduates, and 10 doctoral candidates.

The Medical College of Guizhou University, with Guizhou Provincial People's Hospital as its affiliated base, boasts leading edges in clinical teaching, innovative practice, and scientific research. Currently, the College has a team of highly-qualified professional faculty who are capable of both teaching and research. Among them, 26 are doctoral supervisors and 75 are master's supervisors. It is worth noting that, thanks to the 'Flexible Talent Initiative,' the department has set up an advisory board composed of five academicians coupled with a number of related teams. Among the experts, about nine people have been honored for one of the following awards: Distinguished Youth, Excellent Youth, One Thousand Talents Plan, and One Hundred Talent of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The College has been actively working with other institutes in a bid to upgrade its program prospect, faculty's competence, academic research, and personnel training. Currently, it has partnerships in place with a number of universities such as Guangzhou Medical University, the Medical College of Zhejiang University and Zunyi Medical University.

The Medical College of Guizhou University will make sustained efforts to tackle grand challenges head-on by gleaning professional expertise from medical institutions home and abroad via collaborative exchanges and making the most of the assets gathered from both Guizhou University and Guizhou Provincial People's Hospital. Given the needs in Guizhou's 'Big Health' industry and the innovative education in medicine, the College will forge ahead and make solid progress in its specialty programs reform, with a strengthened sense of responsibility and mission. Bearing in mind the mission of providing quality services as well as great medical teaching, it will work meticulously and put in all effective efforts in serving local communities, businesses, and the medical education of the Party.

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