Guizhou University Leaders Visit Zhenfeng County to Review the Pilot Project’s Integrated Demonstration of Rural Revitalization
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On August 5, Song Bao’an, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of Guizhou University, went to Zhenfeng County to monitor the integrated demonstration for the pilot project of rural revitalization. In the meantime, he also visited some experts from Guizhou University who are currently residing in the local villages for the project.  

Song Bao’an visited Changtian Village of Changtian Town to check on the progress of the pilot project, which is part of the rural revitalization strategy with the aim to build a pastoral farming village. He suggested to the villagers that they should strive to meet the overarching goals of the strategic plan for rural revitalization. They should also try to commit to creating a healthy rural environment, maintaining its rural architecture, and adhering to a rural lifestyle, which will inevitably lead to the creation of beautiful, livable, and vibrant villages. Based upon the national rural revitalization strategy, their work should take into consideration the villages’ status quo, particularly the county's leading industries, market prospects, and farmers' income increase. It is hoped that land use, ecological protection, characteristically distinctive industries, and spatial planning for construction can be organically integrated and combined into a single workable entity.

Afterwards, Song Bao’an and his team paid a visit to 15 experts from Guizhou University that were working and living in the villages. The experts gave a report on the villages they each served in, and they offered ideas and discussed any difficulties they have come across during their time there.

Towards the end of the visit, Song Bao’an gave credit to the experts for diligently carrying out the rural rejuvenation strategy on behalf of Guizhou University by providing the villagers with any necessary assistance. He commented that these experts not only shoulder great responsibilities but also play vital roles in this endeavor. Additionally, he noted that it is highly important for them to also focus on the other areas of industrial development and local economic growth. The University will try its best to solve most practical issues for the villagers. Moreover, the villagers are welcome to contact these experts immediately should they encounter any technological issues. With its expertise and human resources, Guizhou University hopes to continue making great contributions to the revitalization of Guizhou’s countryside.

Text/Photo: Ding Long (GZU Office)

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