Guizhou University Conducts a Pandemic Outbreak Emergency Drill on Campus
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On August 27 afternoon, Guizhou University conducted an emergency drill in front of the five student dormitories on the West Campus. The purpose of this practice was to prepare for a pandemic outbreak on campus. Key leaders from the university participated in the activity, including Linghu Caitao, deputy secretary of the CPC Committee and deputy director of the university's special task force for pandemic prevention and control; Zhang Dalin and Wu Pan, Vice president; and coordinators from colleges and departments. Local leaders from Songshan Police Station and Huaxi District Center for Disease Control and Prevention were also present.

This drill included three simulated scenarios based on the contingency plan of the university in response to emergencies. At the same time, some feasible ways were introduced to cope with negative online public views regarding the pandemic outbreak. For each simulating scene, the departments involved performed their duties while working with each other. Undoubtedly, the exercise tested the effectiveness of the university’s contingency plan in a well-organized manner.

At the end of the activity, Linghu Caitao gave a review of the drill. She spoke highly of the well-prepared exercise and encouraged everyone concerned to learn some lessons from it, to enhance their sense of duty, and to stay alert for any possible issues concerning safety. Additionally, she hoped all involved would tremendously improve their capability to curb the pandemic-related problems to ensure campus safety for faculty, staff, and students.  

Text: Lian Yukun (Xishan Integrated Media Center)

Photo: Chen Siyu (Xishan Integrated Media Center)

Editor: Fan Jiajia

Chief Editor: Zhang Chan

Senior Editor: Zhang Yajun

Translator: Li Xiaorong