GZU Holds a Meeting on Prevention and Control of COVID-19
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On the afternoon of October 28, Guizhou University held a conference on further strengthening COVID-19 prevention and control measures in Conference Room 202 of Xianzheng Building on West Campus. Key leaders of the university attended the meeting, including vice president Li Junqi and directors from the Xibei Office in Huaxi District and the Pandemic Prevention and Control Centre of the university. Hu Xiaobing, director for both the university’s CPC Committee Office and the President’s Office, presided over the meeting.

In his speech, Li Junqi called for all concerned to stay alert and fully enforce any regulation for pandemic prevention. Every department must take every preventive measure such as taking temperature, scanning health QR code and using antiseptics. Furthermore, in terms of pandemic prevention and control, he urged key departments to (a) make it a priority, (b) take responsibility, and (c) enforce measures accordingly. Everyone must avoid massive gatherings and take part in emergency drills. The university should step up its efforts in containing Covid 19 outbreak by providing lectures, offering psychological counseling, rolling out vaccination programs, strengthening the monitoring mechanism, and keeping authorities posted.

During the meeting, the participants learned about specific instructions from the authorities. Key personnel from the departments concerned gave reports on the efforts made recently in preventing the outbreak. Feng Ying, director of the CPC Xibei Office of Huaxi District, shared how to enforce measures against the pandemic.  

Text: Hu Huan (Intern, Xishan Media Center)

Photo: Chen Siyu (Intern, Xishan Media Center)

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