“Demining Hero” and “Role Model of Our Times” Du Fuguo Visits Guizhou University
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On the morning of September 10, Du Fuguo, a demining hero garnered with the title Role Model of Our Times, visited Guizhou University and had a face-to-face talk with faculty and students in Conference Room 212 of the Chuangyuan Building on campus. Participants of the interview included Linghu Caitao, deputy secretary of the CPC Committee of the university; Wang Jing, Du Fuguo’s wife; and Guli Pali and Zhang Yuda, student representatives of 2019 from colleges of Architecture and City Planning, and Management respectively. 

In Linghu Caitao’s speech, she hoped students present could be inspired and learn something significant from the heroic deeds of Du Fuguo through the interview. She encouraged them to shoulder their responsibilities of the new era and act upon the spirit of the university’s motto, which underscores seeking utmost virtues and academic excellence. Likewise, students must therefore combine their pursuit of ideals with the great cause of national development, remembering that to achieve success we must have an eye to the long-term future. Everyone concerned in this effort must strive to make achievements in the new era and live their life to the fullest.  

During the interview, Du Fuguo shared with the audience his life on the defense border. He spoke highly of his supervisor and squad leader having the most significant impact on him during his military services. In particular, he talked about the dangers and difficulties he encountered during demining operations. He had been in the minefields for about 1,000 times, defused over 2,400 mines and explosives, and handled at least 20 dangerous situations. Du said, "Whenever I saw people suffering from injuries or disabilities caused by a mine explosion, I felt terrible. I always feel like helping them. Sometimes on my way to the minefield, the young pioneers who were on their way to school with schoolbags would stop in the middle of the road and salute us solemnly".

 “I would like to know if you had shouted out loud to your partner on the site of the mine explosion, 'back off, let me handle it’ ”.     

When asked if he had asked others to step back during a mine clearance operation, Du answered in a humble tone the question that amazed everyone present. He remembered that the veterans always stepped up and pulled him behind them whenever he was in danger in his early years of military service.  And when he became a veteran, he developed a habit of asking the recruits to stand behind him during the mine clearance operation. 'Back off, let me handle it, are not just merely a line, but also a tradition of the troops. It serves as a belief that has sustained us from generation to generation", Du Fuguo said.

Du Fuguo also answers questions from students who ask about dreams in people’s lives and the purpose of joining the army.  

This activity is the sixth series of lectures on ethical values held at Guizhou University in 2021. In 2020, admitted to the Administrative Management program via the adult higher education system of the university, Du Fuguo became a student of Guizhou University. At the same time, he has worked as the announcer for the military radio program "The Voice of Nanlu," fulfilling his dream on another battlefield in his life.

Text: Lian Yukun (Xishan Integrated Media Center)

Photo: Li Hui (Xishan Integrated Media Center), Wang Lixia (Intern)

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