Recruitment Fair of 11th Guizhou Professionals Convention Held at GZU
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On April 24th, a college student recruitment fair with the theme “Talent Leads to a Brighter Future for Guizhou” was held at GZU’s East Campus Stadium as part of the 11th Guizhou Professionals Convention. The fair aimed to implement the initiative to retain college graduates in Guizhou.

The opening ceremony was attended by Shi Changdong, first-level inspector from the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security; Yan Lin, Deputy Director of the Civil-Military Integration Office of the CPC Guizhou Committee (the Provincial Office of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense); and Linghu Caitao, Deputy Secretary of the CPC GZU Committee. Representatives from the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, the Provincial Human Resources Service Bureau, the Provincial Talent Resources Market, and GZU’s Admissions and Employment Office were also in attendance.

Linghu Caitao highlighted the university’s efforts to support the employment of the 2023 graduates. In accordance with the directives of the Ministry of Education and the Guizhou Provincial Department of Education, GZU has been actively addressing the key challenges in promoting employment. This includes exploring market-oriented job opportunities, establishing recruitment platforms, and organizing campus recruitment events. The university aims to provide precise and practical employment guidance, assisting the 2023 graduates in actively seeking job opportunities and ensuring a smooth transition into the workforce. Linghu Caitao also encouraged students to seize available opportunities and strive to secure desirable positions among the reputable companies present. She hoped that the students would excel and contribute effectively in their new roles.

Yan Lin emphasized that Guizhou is a key province that serves as a crucial support base for science and technology industries related to national defense. The province is currently in a vital strategic period and has a greater need for talented individuals than ever before. It actively seeks exceptional talents and provides a broader platform for their growth. With the belief that talent is the primary resource, the Provincial Civil-Military Integration Office is dedicated to serving talents with utmost sincerity and the best policies. It focuses on establishing new talent development platforms and contributing to the high-quality development of Guizhou by strengthening national defense and the military industry.

Shi Changdong stressed the invaluable role of college graduates as precious talent resources and a main driving force for modernization. They are crucial in promoting employment and are closely connected to people’s livelihoods and the high-quality development of society. The 11th Guizhou Professionals Convention is a significant initiative aimed at implementing the decisions and directives from the Party Central Committee, the State Council, and the Provincial Party Committee and Government to ensure employment. It serves as a key platform for facilitating high-quality employment of college graduates while helping to optimize talent structures within enterprises. Shi Changdong expressed his expectation that students would seize this opportunity, ground themselves in reality, and align their personal ideals with the goals of the Party and the nation. By contributing to the high-quality development from various perspectives, they can showcase their youth and energy and make remarkable achievements in the development and modernization of Guizhou.

After the opening ceremony, Shi Changdong and the other representatives engaged in discussions with employers and graduates, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the employers’ recruitment situation.

A total of 140 companies participated in this recruitment fair, including 99 prominent enterprises from the province, 18 military-industrial enterprises, and 23 state-owned enterprises (including central state-owned enterprises) and public institutions.

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